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OKay, here is a more precise breakdown.

2 Cases of 2010 BDP:
26 Autos (12 Autos per case + 1 USA auto)
30 Team Lots (All Rookies Base/Chrome, Prospects Base/Chrome, Parallels and Plates [non-auto])
1 USA Baseball Team Slot (All base, Chrome, Parallels, Plates)

2 Cases of 2011 Bowman Baseball Hobby:
24 Autos
30 Team Lots (All Vets and Rookies Base/Chrome, Prospects Base/Chrome
8 Insert Lots (Box 1-3, 4-6, 5-9, 10-12, 13-15. 16-18, 19-21, 22-24. This includes ALL inserts, even if it's a Atomic Refractor)

I'm also going to add 10 more slots. Having opened quite a bit of these products, I am pretty confident we will have extra hits (Aflac, Rookie Autos, Relics, etc) If we do not get these extra hits, I will take cards from my personal stash and throw them into the mix. I will pre-publish this list before you guys sign up so that you can see what's at stake. If we hit the autos in the break, then I keep my stuff. If we don't, they will be up for grabs in the draft. Also, if we have more than 10 extra hits, then we will snake draft and the last picks will have a stab at remaining hits. Also, the reason I'm doing team slots is because it's easier to sort. It also adds value to slots because you have the potential to get some nice cards if you get the entire team plus all parallels.

I count a total of 129 slots. BDP is at $915 and Bowman is at $885. Averages at $900 per case.

$3600/129 slots = $28 + shipping,supplies,paypal = Approximately $32 per slot.

Does this work for everyone? Let me know. I'm going to try and get this up for signup tonight. I will be requesting to cancel this break in a hour or so.
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