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Default Bowman Chrome Football Virtual Case Break

Really bored today here at work and thought this might be interesting.

Based on the insert pack odds from last year and tentative current checklist, I created an Excel program that can generate "virtual breaks" based on these 2 combos. For example if the random number assumes I hit a gold base refractor it then assigns a random card # in the set for that hit.

This should give everyone a feel for what mutliple case breaks might look like. Here were the major hits on 4 case break. If anyone else would like be to do their case break for kicks just post how many cases you will be breaking. I made some assumptions on the Group A auto list.

Base Gold Ref (3) - JP Losman, Edge, Boldin
Base Orange Ref (1) - Mushin Muhammad

Blue Ref RC (6) - Dwane Jarrett, Calvin Johnson, Jamarcus Russell, Zac Taylor, Brady Quinn, Trent Edwards,
Xfractor RC (9) - Jarrett, Marshawn Lynch, Craig Davis (2), Greg Olsen, Joe Thomas (2), Johnnie Lee Higgins, Jeff Rowe
Gold Ref RC (2) - Kevin Kolb, Patrick Willis
Orange Ref RC (1) - Dallas Baker

Group A Autos (2) - Jamarcus Russell, Drew Stanton
Blue Autos (2) - Chris Leak, Zac Taylor
Gold Auto (1) - Chris Leak
Orange Auto (1) - Sidney Rice
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