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Originally Posted by dareshan View Post
Hopefully not. I sent him a message asking what was going on. I'm in 2 of his breaks. Hopefully he will respond soon. Maybe something minor. I don't know why they suspend members. Just have to wait and see. If I hear anything I will let everyone know.
Originally Posted by tivy22 View Post
Give the guy a chance to explain before everyone says they are screwed. His suspension must not have been for anything too severe since he is back unsuspended.
Suspension Explination

I Just wanted to let every one know why i got a 1 day vacation from the site. I guess i broke a bumping rule on a sale thead of mine by answering questions potential buyers posted on my thread.

As far as you guys go and what i told dareshan in a pm, i will not put your guys/girls money at risk. i am not going to post any sale threads on this site until after both of the group breaks (Inception & Marquee) i am currently hosting are complete and everyone in those breaks have recieved thier stuff!

If you have anymore questions or concerns about this please PM me and i will answer any questions you have. Thanks Again for joining my Group Break and trust me i am and will do everything in my power to make sure you all have the best break possible!-Bruce Sims
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