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Default Baseball Club #1 August Break

Marquee is due out 08/24/11. The club will be doing a 6 box case. Below is the list I have of all responders as to whether they want to pay additional funds for the additional 6 boxes. Please refer to the list and if I have made a mistake or you have changed your mind, post in the thread. But please do so in the next few days so we can set this in stone I don't want to be changing the numbers around any more than I have to, but the more the merrier. I am not sure if Swerve has put a down payment on the case, but it is at 1999.95 right now for the 12 box case.

We have 22 right now that wish to do the additional 6 boxes.

12 box case 1999.95-
6 box case 1009.95
990.00 owed by 22 members = $47.50 (I added in paypal fees and about $1 extra for shipping, but someone please check my numbers) Can increase shipping if people think it is needed.

47.50 + 45.00(monthly dues)= 92.50 owed by those wanting to do the full case. All others will only owe the $45 monthly dues.

We also need more input as to what to do with unclaimed team hits and base for the additional 6 boxes. I propose we have a random list made with the owners names prior to the break and go down the list. As the unclaimed team cards (whether base or hit) get pulled, they go to the next name on the list. Once the list is gone through (If it does) then we just start all over again.

This is what i have as the list for teams:
Team Username (add funds for 12 box case Marquee August)
Nationals - Rambel (yes)
Pirates - pskell02 (yes)
Yankees - upsbroker06 (yes)
Red Sox - mgugs46 (yes)
Cardinals - swerve (yes)
SF Giants - mwolfson22 (no)
Twins - alsjunk2002 (yes)
Brewers - sd_navarre (yes)
Rangers - slugger82685 (yes)
Rays - meyer9977 (no)
Phillies - mgugs (no)
Reds - Guru (yes)
Orioles - mgugs46 (yes)
Braves - gergs1134 (yes)
Royals - Straw44 (no)
Marlins - mgugs46 (yes)
Tigers - iluvfish2 (yes)
Indians - Bum Dawg (yes)
Mariners - Straw44 (yes)
Rockies - RckyMtCollector (yes)
Dodgers - Houdini (yes)
Mets- Bruvydsb (yes)
Blue Jays- colby2611 (yes)
D-Backs - cardinalscards4 (no)
Cubs- trubear (yes)
LA Angels- HighCheese4U (yes)
Padres-gunshowboy (yes)


White Sox

Back ups:

Twins - stumpfreeman
Rays - rjs83
Brewers - meyer9977 (will drop Rays for Brewers)
Phillies - hmmdecloth
Reds - cincyboy
Rangers - rambel
Braves - sd_navarre, JDK
Cardinals -thatkidbilly, cardinalscards4
Yankees- YanksBillsFan, thatkidbilly
Dodgers- JDK
Royals- barob
Orioles- Beardy, teodesserts

Please send payments for June to

Yes for additional funds 2011 TTT (24): Rambel, Pskell, upsbroker, mgugs (3 teams), swerve, mwolfson, alsjunk, slugger82685, meyer9977, stevejeltz, guru, gergs1134, Straw44 (1 team), iluvfish2, bum dawg, houdini, gunshowboy, highcheese4u, trubear, bruvydsb, colby2611, sd_navarre.

No for additional funds for 2011 TTT (3): straw44 (1 team), RckyMtCollector, cardinalscards

Rollover through July $1026.68 (+200 down payment for TTT)

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