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Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
Awesome. I look forward to seeing the sketch. For once, I don't have to do research on the person depicted. "Just watch the mini-series".

It is 'normal'. Consider that most of these gentlemen are/were in their 80's and 90's when they signed these. Personally, I don't think the condition of the cards is bad at all.

It's definitely not a scam since there have been winners. There are supposedly 100 bits and pieces of memorabilia total to give out. Still, in my opinion, the odds seem TOO tough. For reference, I have redeemed at least 24 of these cards (I lost count) and no dice. On a side note, what do your instant win card codes start with? I have USA, VET, and LWF.

You should get some offers here
Thanks Nicnac

How much are the sketches going for? not that I would want to sell right away just curious
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