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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Hi, I am not sure I understand how the list would work. I would want an equal chance at an unclaimed hit - I would not want to land a base lot... would we be able to split up the unclaimed teams equally (within reason) somehow?

I guess what I mean is, say unclaimed team #1 gets three hits and unclaimed team #2 gets no hits. I would prefer that three different people get those three hits as opposed to one person getting the three hits and another person getting the team with no hits. See what I mean?

We could collect all the unclaimed hits and then random them or assign them per hit as fairly as possible. (all hits/participants) Then we could break up the base so that each person in the second half of the case gets something... (all base/participants)
I hear what you're saying, but with 20 people so far wanting to participate, it is impossible to distribute the unclaimed teams, so we have to distribute the hits/#'d cards/base. There is no guarantee that we will even get enough unclaimed team hits/base to get through a random of 20 people once. My guess is we will, but can't say for sure. The random prior to the break would be the chance, the cards would come out as they fall.

We could knock out the base and just random the hits/#'d cards, but again, maybe not everyone would get something. Then do the base separately.

Looking for other ideas as well, we have a couple weeks to hash this out, then we can use the same idea for the TTT break.

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