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Default Looking to sell my COMC Port - azsoxpatriots Over 1200 cards - Over 5k BV

My port sale ad on COMC posted recently. I'm looking to sell off what I have at a big discount. Looking for $1125 or b/o on it (some stuff has sold since I made the ad yesterday so the numbers have changed a little)

Items in Inventory 1,259
Total Book Value $5,399.55
Items w/o Book Price 35
Total Asking Price $2,076.35

Thats less than $1 a card! Plenty of good cards to add and flip.

If you want to PM offers please feel free. We will probably have to work w/COMC to get the port sold due to the asking vs. selling price. I can also take out the higher end stuff and get the port price lower if needed.

Classified Ad Details -

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