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Default Report Card - 200 Football Packs

Originally Posted by bamagang View Post
I'll check my #3 Promo packs first...if good, I'll also join #4. Love it! Expecting the packs to arrive later this afternoon.
200 packs for $200 is a good deal no matter how you look at it, however, if you're like most collectors you want autographs, low-numbered rookies and low-numbered memorabia cards. This package was somewhat skimpy in that regard. There were no autographs in the 200 packs...amazing! There were no low-numbered rookies. Okay, a couple numbered to 250 but they were no-name players. Just bad luck I suppose. In the 200 packs there were only 5 memorabilia cards (one in 40 packs); a poor ratio. 3 of them were rookie inserts however, which was pretty okay. The best one was a Trent Edwards rookie jersey insert numbered to 100 (Playoff Absolute). Also, a Vince Young rookie game used football insert numbered to 175 (Rookies & Stars). And, a Brandon Marshall rookie jersey insert but not numbered (Playoff Absolute).

It was a fun rip but I'd have to say overall fairly disappointing. Maybe my expectations were too high, but - no autographs? Yes, there were tons of Score rookies and other rookies, but not one really good hit. That's what we all want, right - that big hit?
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