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15ncounting - JOE!!! It's great to hear from you... Yeah I remember when you sold your collection, and wish I had the cash for it At least I could have sold it back to you if you ever wanted WOW PSA 10, you're talking big bucks chasing those... I do hope you make a come back and hope to see you around here more often to chat some HOF autos Wish you all the best if you deceide to come back. Thanks! As you know I have that DeBusschere a looong time! Nothing really that big... Haven't bought an auto in a while, but I did just pick up one of the top cards in my want list, but I figured you might have read it on the first post, but I will post a pic to show you Again, i'm glad to hear from you and hope you will chime in every once in a while, or every day, it's your choice lol

coolz - Thanks again for the info, I hope he will also chime in from time to time... I checked out his cards.................... Very nice!!! I put that puppy on slideshow and........

BRAVEHEART - Thank you very much for sharing! Great collection you got there and I wish you luck with the rest... I'm rooting for you, hope you complete the 50 Greatest before I do lol. That's a laugh, i've been trying for years!!! Of course I stoped at some point, but I did have pleanty of time to complete it but didn't move fast enough and still working on it. I hope you will post your updates and chime in to talk HOF/50Greats autos...

WillC - What's up Will

Thanks again guys.
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