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Originally Posted by Bill22 View Post
I busted a Jumbo Box this evening i listed the better pulls below

Posada Stiches
Reyes Stitches
Sabathia Autograph
Wright Copper
Kim Copper
Jeter Green Plate 1/1
That was a pretty good box! I Know You'll profit from it. You Pulled an extra stitches card, a david wright copper & a Jeter Printing Plate! Emphasis On The Jeter Printing Plate Which Will Sell For More Than The Box On EBay. Also, 2007 Topps Cards Are Selling Really Well Right Now, including those copper cards. I see no reason why you would get anything less than $25 For The Wright Copper Card. (I sold a Prince Fielder that ended at $35) My Sabathia Auto Auction Just Ended At Roughly $20. The Reyes Stitches will more than likely sell a little above $10.

This Year Topps Update Has Been Doing Very Well For Me. I've Profited From My Initial 2 HTA Cases and working on a couple more now. My profit hasn't been from any big 'hits' either. My first case hit was a Mickey Mantle Relic and my second was an Alex Rios Patch. Neither auctions have ended yet so I'll be pulling in more $ You Can make good money by putting together lots of otherwise useless insert cards. The gold/copper parallels are doing great-in lots or just selling singles. I Haven't sold A Set for any less than $25 and I usually pull about 4 per case.
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