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Originally Posted by WillC View Post
In 2006-07, Topps released this card amongst others (although it doesn't feature Baylor alone)...

I agree though, it's nice that Panini are making some unusual cards, e.g. Monroe patch, Chamberlain GU, Sam Jones patch/auto, etc.
Oh yeah Will, I definitely know about these cards, i've seen them a million times... I've tried for the Baylor 1/1 versions but got outbid every time.

I guess I should have been more specific in my post. What I mean is on-card auto/GU combo Now unless i'm going blind and it's actually a sticker auto.

It's easy for any company to make a jersey card and then smack a window/sticker auto and call it a combo... But i'm really talking about the on-card combo which i'm pretty sure never been made for Elgin before this release.

Yes, Panini is doing a lot of new things and can't wait to see what else they do in terms of HOFers that never signed before, Cuts, on-card combos...
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