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Joe - It's the Buddy Jeannette... I wish I owned the Yardley, can't afford that one! I think Justin was actually right, I don't think this comes from a document, but still looks cool. When I first saw it I thought it was from a document, but i've seen many documents and this doesn't appear to be as such. I will post a pic...

Justin - Yeah I definitely think something is up with this particular set... Because as far as I know know UD has never made an Elgin Baylor GU card period. Topps did, but never saw a UD one, so this is all wierd with this set. They must have messed up with the back COA's or something, because I don't believe these are GU. If they are real, it makes me wonder, why didn't they make another Baylor GU card in the history of the company...
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