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Joe - It's the Buddy Jeannette... I wish I owned the Yardley, can't afford that one! I think Justin was actually right, I don't think this comes from a document, but still looks cool. When I first saw it I thought it was from a document, but i've seen many documents and this doesn't appear to be as such. I will post a pic...

Justin - Yeah I definitely think something is up with this particular set... Because as far as I know know UD has never made an Elgin Baylor GU card period. Topps did, but never saw a UD one, so this is all wierd with this set. They must have messed up with the back COA's or something, because I don't believe these are GU. If they are real, it makes me wonder, why didn't they make another Baylor GU card in the history of the company...
Winners of the contest... glen87 is a SUPER genius, and cromartie3145 also has a very bright mind for at the very least adding 18 (the right answer) as one of the answers
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