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Default out of my 200 packs, I ended up with roughly the following

a crapload of no name rookies
2 AP RCs (both Score)
a ton of crappy inserts
a ton of good inserts
4 sweet Game Used - including one dual GU, one Santana Moss Used Football card (07 threads), and two RC GUs
1 RC AUTO (Fairooz - from 07 classics)
a ton of 07 classics error cards
a nice Reggie Bush College Gridiron king RC

overall...not too bad...but no way am I going to be able to sell any of this and come close to what I spent....

a lot of the packs/cards were damaged, but at least I didn't have any that appeared to have been opened previously

overall - I would say that I easily got about $300-400 BV out of the break, but I wouldn't be able to GIVE most of it away

would I do it again? hell yeah - busting anything at a buck-a-pack is fun!
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