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Originally Posted by BroncosFAN#1 View Post
Ill be sending a few cards in for this. A few Suh autos for sure and maybe a couple other things. Ill update when I get home to NE and can go through them
No problem - we'll be here.

Originally Posted by Bengals1013 View Post
Did you receive my payment?
yup - noted on OP

Originally Posted by jiggidy View Post
Snyder can you update the 1st post and add the Julio Jones 2011 R&S Mfg. Logo Auto /299?

Also all of my cards I want Min. Grade's of 9.

Also payment has been sent. I sent a PM last night with Tracking Info on my package to you. I will drop in the PO box tonight when I get home from work so it probably won't reach the post office until sometime tomorrow.

Thanks again.
Yup, noted on OP - please put sticky on sleeves with min 9
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