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I slashed the prices of about 4,000 cards (and still going) up to 97.5% (after making an offer). To be perfectly honest, I raised the prices of a few because I cannot lose that much money on some of the cards. I need to unload as much as possible due to a 5,000 card shipment that needs to be paid for.

I am going to accept every offer. I will never reject an offer (unless the card was recently bought and is unavailable). There are CHEAP, great and rare cards buried deep in my port so make sure you browse thoroughly through the port. Make offers!! Please no offers on the 50 cent cards and below unless you are buying high value cards.

Biggest discount:
WilliamsCards's Cards -

Highest percentage off:
WilliamsCards's Cards -


I collect wrestling and high grade PSA vintage
Pending Deals:
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