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A. Scott / -11 (first place)
D. Toms / -10, Phil Mickelson / -10 (both tied for 2nd)

Haven't had a lot of luck at this, even though I've been to many Masters Tournaments, and it is my companies bread-and-butter. That said, these are three players I know well. Met all three, personally.

As an outsider, just to make the note here, Luke Donald (no credit here), but I want to say I have the best relationship there, and I feel he has a GREAT chance at a 1 or 2 placing here, at -11 (playoffs) or -12 for the win. But, again, no credit if I called this. I've been watching him practice, and it's just a feeling -- so it's a "pride post". Hopefully worth some respect and props!
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