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Default football packs

These seem to be all retail packs. I am completely a novice when it comes to football cards, though,and I have a question for anyone: I started opening my packs (nothing at all decent so far, unfortunately, but still fun) and have noticed the following:
On several cards from 2007 Donruss Classics, the player pictured and whose info is present on the back is different from the player name on the front on about 10 percent of the cards. It is very strange - they seem like error cards, because for example I have one card of Frank Gore that has the correct name on the front and in the next pack I got a Frank Gore card that is identical in every way but has Julius Jones' name on the front. There is also a Donovan McNabb card with Brett Favre's name, etc, etc. Can someone tell me what is up with these cards? Thanks!
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