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Originally Posted by amazingpacks View Post
Thanks, but NO ANSWER... i guess they are too big and are starting to get careless with all those 5,000,000 cards they got. Bummer.

Emailed = No answer
Called = No answer, No returned
Posted = No answer

I guess ebay is better sometimes. Atleast a human answers and gives me a fkd up answer that piss me off. lol.
impatient much?
They are also in Washington State so depending on when you tried(wherever you live) they might not even have been in yet. They also probably have a whole bunch of other emails and calls before yours. Personally I have left a message and got a call the next day, I have not received emailed responses but I have received PMs from a few of the guys here. PM Jester as he works for them and might log on as soon as he see's he has a message on here. I'd hate to be on the other end of a "Peggy" call with you going by this post of yours.
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