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Originally Posted by Cactuspies View Post
impatient much?
They are also in Washington State so depending on when you tried(wherever you live) they might not even have been in yet. They also probably have a whole bunch of other emails and calls before yours. Personally I have left a message and got a call the next day, I have not received emailed responses but I have received PMs from a few of the guys here. PM Jester as he works for them and might log on as soon as he see's he has a message on here. I'd hate to be on the other end of a "Peggy" call with you going by this post of yours.
They took care of the problem.

I am on the west coast. To answer your statement. COMC is an actual business, so i treat them as C2B and expect an answer fast when they have a contact and business hours posted on the site(not to be confused with a individual seller on ebay that has a job and selling cards as a hobby). Again,They did a great job in response and resolved the problem fast.

carry on.
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