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Default Cdog Beware Of This Guy!!!!

i am new here so i will try to be as nice as possible...i bought a card off this guy almost a month ago and after 2 pms and no response i have to air it out here...
the card was a jon lester auto from sp legendary cuts...paid for the card and he pms me on the 9th and tells me the card is going out that weekend...i still have no card and no explanation of wtf is going on...i have seen you have been called out before and i looked past it because i wanted the card badly...stupid mistake on my thoughts of you is that your a lying piece of EDIT...dont bother trying to save yourself its too late...and you can expect mail fraud charges to come your way pal...
if anyone needs details i have pms to back myself up...AVOID THIS EDIT AT ALL COSTS....

Please watch the language - MoD
In search of all Jon Lester autos and patches if you have any PM me.
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