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Originally Posted by freezerburn68 View Post
If were going on SV, these cards sell for $80 max on ebay. If going by rarity, there not that tough a pull. I don't know why everybody is loving this card. Just because a girl and a "kiss" is on a card?
I've had a $220 offer on ebay for the Sandra Taylor 1/1 Kiss, which I declined, so it's not an $80 max card. It's a $250 card in my book.

There are only 8 models with "Kiss" cards, with each having their own 1/1 auto. Out of 9,552 total cards in the set. (199 cases). According to my calculations, the 1/1 kiss autos fall at a rate of one every 25 CASES! I'd say it's pretty rare.

The auto kiss cards are out of /10, /5, and /1. If you want to do it that way, there are 128 total kiss auto'd cards. So ALL of the kiss autos fall about 1 every 1.55 cases. (Or about 1 every 18 boxes).

Plus Sandra Taylor was in Under Seige 2, and we all know how cool Steven Seigal is.
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