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Originally Posted by georgewashinton View Post
I'm sure I am just being dumb. But I am etopps novice and I am trying to figure out the value on these cards and like I said above I am just not tracking what your laying down. So I know the red /999 "RC" version of Mike Trout is selling higher ($5.89) than the previous 2011 silver one /799 ($5.09), but is that just because the red one is newer or will it continue to be worth more in the future. Also I am sure this would have a great impact on the value of each, but is either one of these cards more likely to have an auto oppurtunity than the other if there ever is one?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Not sure I understand your question but I will try. The /999 is the MLB version and the /799 is the MiLB version. There is a large segment of collectors that will not touch the minor league cards, myself included except for flipping. I also would say the MLB version is much more likely to be auto'ed in the future. I do not think they have offered any MiLB cards for autos, yet. Hope this helps.
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