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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
I think authenticated balls will always hold value. They are timeless. Ttm cards are almost worthless because there is no authentication. They compete with certified autos from actual companies also. I think photos are great but traditionally don't sell very well... Keep your ttms for your personal collection and you will enjoy them much more .

I collect both, but trying to get out of wax. It's too expensive and cards nowadays aren't worth very much...
Yeah.. Cards are REALLY decreasing..Wax is 100 a pop or more and 8/10 times you make like $40 of out $100 If your lucky...Card companys are going down hill..
thing with TTM autographs is they ALL have a story. I recently got into EXTREME TTM'ing by sending 30-50 out weekly

pretty nice success man, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
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