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OP updated... guys please verify, it's after 5am here.

Less than 14 hours until the break!

There are 11 spots left in the 5th case of 2011 Finest Baseball (CFB IV)

There are 20 spots left in the 2007 UD Masterpieces case break (CFB X)

Pack Wars has been moved to Wednesday to accommodate any Thursday night football games - even if they are the Eagles! Got some GREAT boxes for this week!

Ok, I better get some sleep. Talk to you guys later today!

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Slot #101 $10 PP gift
Bought by me!
Ustream Link  Breakers.TV Link
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"Do you think Panini is going to respond to this? This is outright fraud. They said the Diamonds were real....they have been proven to be fake. How do they get away with this? Group breakers.............thats how."
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