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Originally Posted by FINS4LIFE View Post
3 words. Back up generator. LOL

Hope Everything is ok there. I spent 4 weeks without power after Andrew. Uh, hated those cold showers.
+1trillion. waited unit after IKE to decide I needed one. of course no body in Houston had any and I ended up in Corpus Cristi (couple hundred miles) before I found one. every time the season comes around I think "we should just suck it up an buy one of those whole house generator that runs on the natural gas line." This little beauty has it own fuse panel that you tie into you homes main line and it senses when the power is out on one leg and snaps the generator on. Almost no lag between loss of main power and the backup kicking in. and it can run most everything in the house including AC, Fridge, and most lights.
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