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Originally Posted by vinnyvegas View Post
Guys - I am doing the best I can to break case 1 tonight too. I have done everything in my power to keep this break going including the following:

1. Preordering the cases prior to payments.
2. Bringing the cases and supplies with me on my family vacation (we drove) since we did not meet the Wednesday deadline. This means I will have help when I go live tonight from the hotel room. Thank goodness I got an understanding wife. Ask Dizzydski... They call me "The Ladies Man"
3. And finding replacements to take the places of people who dropped.

We are two steps away from making this happen:

1. Mrmike pays
2. Moderator does a random

During the past few days, I have felt like tsanto (Please see post above) but I have tried to keep this moving as quickly as possible. I know this break ties a lot of people's money so it is time for your reward. Hang in there a bit longer!


Appreciate your hard work and your effort Vinny. My question was just to see if we everyone in box one had paid. If not, I would have stepped up and still will if need to buy the last slot. Don't want to keep your money and everyone's elses tied up for one person.

Anyway hope we get eveything done soon.

Have a great vacation with the family!
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