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Hey guys,

Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciated. I run these breaks as I like breaks to be done when I am in them. My goal is to get the process from beginning (listing the break) to the end (you getting the cards) as quickly as possible. I enjoy breaking as much as I like joining breaks.

I didn't think you guys were getting on me. I just wanted to let you know that I put a lot of effort into these breaks and wanted to let you know that I go the extra mile for you guys. Even though it makes my wife nuts when I check my cell phone for the e-mails that I have received payments (like last week when our break happenned near midnight) or hitting refresh on the thread to see the latest posts on the break thread I am running, she still puts up with me.

Thanks greenjdo for stepping up! I am submitting for random now! Stand by!
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