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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I'm in Vegas for a conference that we are running and I have had almost no time to do anything with the forums. If everyone wishes, we can up the ante to $20. It wouldn't need to all be in and paid before the start of the games as it is too close. If anyone wishes to not add the additional funds, below is how things will happen.

Win the weekly pool - Get $10. The highest ranked $20 entrant would get the remaining $5 from that week.

Win the season pool - Entrant will get the balance of the funds from the league as if everyone were paying $10 to enter. The highest ranked $20 entrant would receive the remaining balance.

Does that make sense and seem fair to everyone? That is basically the only option if we wish to increase the entry fee. Its either that or all or nothing, meaning that all participants would have to agree or we would leave the league as is.

Looking for - Mitch Keller, Jameson Taillon, and Austin Meadows
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