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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
No but why enter any breaks if you dont want to pay up? You are holding up everyone. Do not participate if you cant fulfill you part of the agreement. You stated in this thread that you would pay up friday morning. You were online but said you werent going to. Simple as that! No explanation needed. Still waiting on your payment in dreamweavers case break as well. Gee wonder whats going to happend there.

Haha....guess we wont be blowout buddies....

Its all good....i have alot of reputation is pretty firm positive that all the other breaks I participated in and hosted make up for any break I dont follow through with.....or atleast my 100% Postive Feedback will.....If I ruined your break experiance im sorry....was not my not gonna do battle with you....not worth goodluck in the break buddy!
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