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Originally Posted by grahamgdogg View Post
Wait so we would draft, like we did that one with the Sterling case, for example:

1. Grahamgdogg--Bryce Harper Auto
2. Grahamgdogg--Marquee Pick #1
3. Grahamgdogg--Marguee Pick #2

And then random off the 60 (since there are 48 hits 12 base in Marquee) left over slots....


or would we just straight random the 60 Marquee slots...?

I like the first way.

BTW, the above example correctly assumes I'll be getting the top three slots....
Confused about the first example. How are you drafting Marquee then randoming hits?

The way I see it, we would player draft the BDPP and topps chrome. Then the 60 Marquee hits/base would be randomed amongst all slotholders. Those hits are assigned in chronological order rather than drafted.
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