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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
How it would work: you draft your player - you can have anyone not already drafted from either product. Your choice! You cannot draft a marquee pick.

After the cases are opened and all spots traded/sold, we would random the 526 spots - the top 60 (or so) get a marquee hit. Then we random the Marquee hits. If you are fifth in the marquee draft, you get the fifth hit in the marquee random.

The marquee random is separate from the player draft. We will take the final draft order and random that for marquee. Does that make sense?

Nope. The #1 spot in the draft can pick any player spot from either product (not both). This draft takes place before the break.

After the break, we will random the draft order and the marquee hits. You might have the last spot in the player draft and get the best marquee hit. You might have the #1 spot in the player draft and not get a marquee card at all. (Or vice versa)

Yep. Marquee is randomed.
I was thinking like this:

CFB 6 - 3 Cases '10 BDPP and 1 Case '10 Sterling - This break is AWESOME!

Where you drafted EITHER a player in BDPP (this time a player in Topps Chrome or the BDPP) or a slot in the Sterling Case (this time with Marquee).

And then, after the break, draft the Marquee a regular hit draft....

I loved that
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