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Originally Posted by houdini View Post

The idea is to add an extra value to late picks. Think about it - now every pick - even those in the 500s are worth 1/10th of a marquee hit. If you want to sell your late picks, they are now more valuable!

I think I misunderstood then--do you mean, take each of the hits and random them to all 500+ slots?

Or do you mean take the slots, random them, and then the top 60 will get a random Marquee hit?

What I was saying was that you could take those random top 60 slots (still giving every one of the 500+ a shot, originally) and then have a draft of the Marquee. Granted, that's probably a non-starter because it's more work for you. Forget I said anything

And the other way, I was saying i.e. draft Marquee slots, wouldn't add slots, we could just random the last 60 (be they Chrome players, BDPP players or Marquee hits) that didn't get picked. But yeah, that would also add a separate Marquee hit draft and I guess that's off the table...
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