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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Gave you 3 - you can always go down.

Gave you 2.

Gave you the 7 for now.

Got you

Gave you 3.

I gave you 4, ok?

6 spots, sir.

6 spots oh ye of the hot Pack Wars hand!

Got you.

Not if you want to break this month.

You are underestimating the amount of work this would take for me to do it. Figure about 10 hours of straight live draft to do 263 picks. That may be ok for the participants, but not for me.

Marginally that is true. However, the real value in these later picks are the parallels - and there is no way of knowing anyway. If we can come up with a feasible method to draft all these picks, that's great - otherwise I think a second half random is the only remaining option.

Yes, but think about it, we would be adding another 60+ spots to the draft - that would be 600 spots!

The idea is to add an extra value to late picks. Think about it - now every pick - even those in the 500s are worth 1/10th of a marquee hit. If you want to sell your late picks, they are now more valuable!

It looks like the single slot option is winning 2 to 1. Do you want 2 of those?
For the people that are looking to draft certain teams or players, random does not help at all. Why not random the entire draft if the bottom half gets randomed?
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