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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
My first response is of course not!

However, after thinking it through logically, I can do 1 of these...

For every 10 spots, you may choose to:

A. Get 1 guaranteed Marquee hit/spot (of the 60). If you do so, these 10 spots are removed from the Marquee random (and slightly raising the odds for everyone else). Trading does not count.

B. Keep your spots in the marquee random with the odds of approximately 1.14 spots per 10 spots in the main draft. You could get none or multiple this way.

Before anyone freaks out, the people getting the guaranteed marquee spot are RAISING your chances of getting a marquee hit! Think it through, this is good for you!

Danny, you sir are a genius!


Originally Posted by Tman View Post
not trying to make things more challenging, BUT if were to get 20 spots, could I use 10 spots for a guaranteed marquee hit and keep the other 10 spots in the random?
I hope so--that's what I'd want to do...
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