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OP updated

Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
How would you decide what Marquee hits go to the main random and which ones go to the automatic hits (people that by 10 or more and decide to take some)
I won't decide - it will all be random.

First, I will break the marquee case and everyone will see all 48 hits plus the 12 boxes of base. If we get an extra hit (auto/relic) or any 1/1, we will add them to the total spots (61 or 62 spots) instead of 60.

Second, I will take out the spots for anyone wanting the guarantee - the first 10 if they have more than 10. Let's assume there are 5 people taking the guarantee and I remove those 50 spots.

Third, I will then take the remaining 482 spots and have them randomed twice. The top 55 (or so) spots would make up the marquee random.

Fourth, I will add the 5 guaranteed spots to the bottom of this list in alphabetical order and random these 60 names twice. This will be the final order for marquee hits.

Fifth, I will have the list of Marquee hits randomed twice. This list will be matched with the list of names and whatever spot you have in both lists is your prize.

You can buy/sell/trade spots to get more spots in the marquee random, but they cannot be used for the guarantee. You cannot break up your player draft and the marquee random - this is a big enough logistical nightmare as it is - however, after the marquee random, you can sell your marquee hits separately from the player draft.
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