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Originally Posted by Chaddie84 View Post
Seperate question, does COMC do anything to correct misleading ads on the homepage? One newer ad is marketing "Accepting All Offers" in it's title for this I spend time digging for a few deals, only to have them countered or rejected. That's cool if they don't want to sell the cards for that price, but don't advertise what you're not willing to sell for and waste everybody's time.
Short answer: Any time someone is not adhering to their posted advertisement, we appreciate being notified. More nuanced: That being said, sometimes things happen - maybe the seller receives more than one offer on the same card so they have to pick one to accept and one to decline. Maybe you made an offer on five cards but one sold to another buyer first. In the second situation, the seller can either make a counteroffer for the remaining cards or decline, but can't accept.
If you reply to an "accepting all offers" ad with an offer that is then countered or declined and it's clear that the card hasn't been bought by another buyer (it's still for sale by the original seller a day later, for example) that's the kind of thing we take very seriously, and folks can lose their posting priveleges because of it.

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