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Just so anyone joining now knows, we are discussing (through pm to avoid cluttering the thread) the idea of dropping BDPP and just going with Topps Chrome and the bonus Marquee.

I owe BO for the Marquee case now and I do not have the $2k handy because I just bought a new business. As it stands, this break will take another week to fill and could even stall completely.

If we cut out BDPP, your odds of a marquee hit double and the guarantee drops to any 5 spots (instead of 10).

The price raises slightly ($25) because the cost of the Marquee case is spread out over 269 spots instead of 532.

We have 235 spots filled now - I know I would lose at least 6 spots (so far) if we dropped BDPP, but I would also gain spots from the Marquee & Topps Chrome crowd.

I hate changing a break, but sometimes you need to adjust. A lot of people voted for BDPP, but they just aren't buying the spots.

This is not decided yet - just being discussed. As it stands we are less than half full... if we cut BDPP, we are over 87% full and have less than 40 spots remaining. They will go quick.

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