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Originally Posted by Neas View Post
Woot my Rcr card grade upheld. Did they send you shipping info out with that email?
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Have a tracking #, but Fedex doesn't have it in their system yet.

Originally Posted by csrockerzero View Post
Pretty happy with my 9.0 D-Rose RC auto with two 9.5 subs.

Beckett Media LP

Are auto grades not shown?
No, they aren't.

Originally Posted by Neas View Post
Wow that first 10 I seen since started doing these submissions very nice.
First one in my fouth or fifth submission! Very happy for whoever has that!

Originally Posted by Anderdale View Post
Sorry for the dumb question as this is my first submission but how do I view my subs? I am pretty sure all my freemans are 9.5!
If you click on item# it'll take you to the subs.
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