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Originally Posted by grahamgdogg View Post
I'm not sure I get if I get ten spots from the break, then acquire through trade or paypal ten spots giving me twenty total, I can still only get two guaranteed?

Does that mean we have to declare if our spots will be used for a guarantee spot from the get-go?

Because if we wait until the break or even after to declare how many of our picks will be used for guaranteed Marquee spots I'm not sure I understand why we can't use all the spots we have whether acquired through trade, paypal or the break.
Because this is an incentive to get people to join the break with at least 5 spots (originally it was 10).

If I let it be used after the break is full via trade, then there is no incentive to buy those 5 (10) spots. You could just wait until eventually the break was full and buy extra spots at the bottom of the draft to get your guaranteed hit. You see?

Now, there will still be lots and lots of people buying spots for the 22% chance at a marquee hit - but they will not have the guarantee that you can have for your 20 spots. There are at least 60 hits in Marquee (with 36 of them being autos and 2 of them being case hits).

You don't have to declare now. You could wait for the draft and sell your 20 and buy 20 different - as long as you had the 20 to begin with and you have at least 20 at the end... I am not trying to be a jerk or anything - just trying to create the most value out of what I have to work with.
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