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I will raise my hand for the dumb azz that got 4 Did Not Meet Criteria lol
It was my first submission but a roller coaster ride. Couple of notes for everyone.

-Always look at your cards with a Loupe or something equivelent, looking at the grades I think most everyone did. I will admit I was late getting on board and didnt have the time to do it 100%, towards the end of the cards I pulled for grading I started eyeballing them and 3 of my 4 "Did not Meet Grade" was apart of that, so stupid.

Pissed - That I set some requirments at 9.5, which was probably my 4 did not meet requirement, I spent the money I should have had them grade a 9, it is what it is you know. I'm shocked that my Rose 2 ball Hardwood RC and especially my Brandon Jennings Ref RC didnt get 9.5's Thats why I set them at 9.5 min which ended up being stupid. Ohh well you live and learn.

ESTATIC - And to think the card I was most nervous about was my Stanton 2008 Chrome AUto got a 9.5!!!!!! I know it will be a 10 auto, and that is somewhat rare!
Also my Matt Moore Elite Auto /100 got a 9.5 !!!

Got a couple 9's that I'm partial on but anyway pleased to say the least, even with throwing away 45.00 for the 4 cards that didnt make it.

Cheers everyone!!
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