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Originally Posted by notsublime View Post
I think the Host has done a fine job so far. I also think maybe we should let him run the break. It seems everyone has alot to say about how the break has been handled so far, and everything has been pretty routine.
I thank you for the case break.
Originally Posted by Jnb0123 View Post
I wasn't saying anything about the host. I think he's doing great. Just seems like every break iv been in takes forever. Does blowout not offer next day air or anything? I think everyone in these breaks would throw in a extra buck or two if they offer that for future breaks.

Thanks for the support guys. I've never done a break before either and I hoped that it would have gone smoother too but it's difficult because of lack of communication and many things to deal with.

It is fun for me, and I'm trying to make it fun for you all too.

Concerning the s/h, I don't know if they run other s/h options. I think they do but just did not consider it. But I will in future breaks.
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