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Originally Posted by pch_1427 View Post
Thanks for the support guys. I've never done a break before either and I hoped that it would have gone smoother too but it's difficult because of lack of communication and many things to deal with.

It is fun for me, and I'm trying to make it fun for you all too.

Concerning the s/h, I don't know if they run other s/h options. I think they do but just did not consider it. But I will in future breaks.

your doin a great job man, espicially since its your 1st time hosting......its ALLOT of work to run one of these breaks(thats y ive never hosted, even though i would love to, i juss dont have the time or patience).....but you are doin an awesome job and if you forget something, one of us that have been in a bunch of these will remind you/ help you out(like w/ posting the paypal reciept)......but u are doing great and i hope you host again cuz we need more good host on blowout.....feel free to pm me if you have a questuin about sumthing and i will try my best to help ya out......keep up the good work!!!!
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