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Originally Posted by MDCook View Post
I agree...if it wasn't for Topps I wouldn't bust anything. I always bust 1 case of Series 1 and 2 and 1 case of the Updates and Highlights. I'm not making a killing but I always make a profit even without the big hit. The inserts and parallels plus the base sets are always good sellers. In my Jumbo case of Topps Update I did hit a Joba reverse negative and 2 Poley Walnuts cards (sold 1 for $60 Buy it Now). However I only pulled 2 auto's from the 6 box case...thought they were 1 per box? I was curious about something though-were the box toppers included in both hobby and jumbo? I thought they were hobby only but each of my 6 boxes of jumbos had the box toppers.
I'll Take A Joba Chamberlain Reverse Negative Over A Few Missing Autos (With Exceptions of Group A Autos) But It Does Sucks That You Only Pulled 2 Autos. The Box Itself Claims An Auto & Relic Per Box & In My Opinion The Auto Per Box (Along With The Infamous Copper Parallels) Is The Reason For Buying The HTA Boxes Versus The 36-Pack Hobby Boxes. 2 Cases Of The 36-Pack Hobby Boxes Yielded No Autos. Not That I'm Complaining, I Profited Very Well From Them. I Bought Jumbo Cases Specifically For Autos (And Coppers)
HTA & Jumbo Both Yield The Rookie Chrome Refractor Box Toppers.

Have 3 Jumbo Cases Coming In Wednesday From Blowoutcards & Crossing My Fingers For That Ellsbury Ultra Short Print Or Some Specific Group A Autographs: A-Rod/Pujols/Ryan Howard

Best Topps Pull
2006 Bowman Chrome Draft Clayton Kershaw Superfractor 1/1 Auto $1400

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