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Originally Posted by pakman916 View Post
Do you have any Nats or O's to trade? It doesn't have to be equal value...but hopefully an auto or relic. If not, you can still keep it. I don't collect sorry teams. (Yeah...I know that's a contradiction since the O's are dead last...but I have to trash talk our division. AL East is tough.)
I will find something for you.

Originally Posted by wscws2008 View Post
I need to get in on the pack wars next time..

Watched the whole thing and I think I caught on..except for the whole if you pull an auto you need to buy packs or box or what not.
It only comes in to play if you are warring and have a big hit - a normal hit just gets warred.

Typically we just have you buy the box. Say we hit the Hosmer Superfractor in a pack war - would you want to war that? So you would buy the box, keep your card, and then next week everyone in that box plays for free in a new box. Everybody wins.

The problem last night is that we were using 3 boxes... and warring against 8 other people. The answer is for me to track which box your hit comes out of... extra work on my part. We had just never encountered that problem before. So we work them out as they arise.
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