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Default pack wars auto policy

Originally Posted by houdini View Post
I will find something for you.

It only comes in to play if you are warring and have a big hit - a normal hit just gets warred.

Typically we just have you buy the box. Say we hit the Hosmer Superfractor in a pack war - would you want to war that? So you would buy the box, keep your card, and then next week everyone in that box plays for free in a new box. Everybody wins.

The problem last night is that we were using 3 boxes... and warring against 8 other people. The answer is for me to track which box your hit comes out of... extra work on my part. We had just never encountered that problem before. So we work them out as they arise.
The only issue I have and this is where it gets complicated. Even if we document who purchases packs from each box, its unfair to people involved in the war who are not involved in the box being replaced. They lose out on the auto being kept. And they lose out on the free box as compensation. So what do we do then?
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