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Originally Posted by Sushiyoshi View Post
Can we random Marquee slots too?
Want to see before I decide to b/s/t.
Well, that is kind of the point. All spots have the Marquee potential value right now - low end spots are worth more.

As an example, look at that poor schmuck with only sots 254 and 259! What are they worth without the Marquee potential? What are they worth with the Marquee potential?

So, b/s/t now with the Marquee value attached! Good luck!

Originally Posted by wscws2008 View Post
That works for me!
You sir, have incredible luck!

Originally Posted by mrmike79 View Post
The only issue I have and this is where it gets complicated. Even if we document who purchases packs from each box, its unfair to people involved in the war who are not involved in the box being replaced. They lose out on the auto being kept. And they lose out on the free box as compensation. So what do we do then?
I realize it's not perfect. Offer up a better solution and I will be happy to hear it.
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