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Originally Posted by Bruvydsb View Post
Isn't Swerve breaking the club case of Marquee tomorrow night? GL on a Koufax BTW.
Thank you sir. I have been getting killed lately - this random included.

Originally Posted by zw15 View Post
I have a question, I am now having 5 slots, and 1 Marquee hit, if I sold any of my slot, would I qualify the Marquee guarantee hit? OR the slot I sold could not get into random?
You would need to have 5 spots when we do the Marquee random tomorrow. It does not have to be those exact 5 - any 5 will do. (So you could sell a high pick and buy a low pick...)

Originally Posted by Tai View Post
I just want to take a shot here: I will trade both of my guaranteed Marquee spots plus my last 2 picks(210 & 241) for anything in the top 5. I'll keep this valid till the Marquee draft. If I'm off in assigning value here let me know. The only protected picks are my first 2. PM's work best for me.
This is ok, you can do this. Just keep 10 spots (any 10) until after the Marquee random.

Originally Posted by raidersfan1983 View Post
19, 25, 40, 80, and 245. guess i should be pretty happy with that?
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