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Originally Posted by bigsmoot2 View Post
So let me get this clear, we sign up and pay, you random, then you open the cases, post the hits, and we draft the hits snake style? Just making sure this is correct. Thanks!
Correct. The only two things that I am doing different from most draft style breaks is:

1) Team Lots include base AND parallels
2) Snake Draft. There are actually 108+ hits, but only 54 slots.

This brings the cost up, but it adds another dimension to the draft strategy since you will get at least 2 picks. And the last person in the draft, #54, will get 2 back to back picks. Making #54 not so bad. Also, if we get extra hits, #1 and #2 have the potential to have 3 total picks. Sure, the 2nd and 3rd pick won't be that great, but then again, #1 and #2 will get the 2 best cards in the break.

Also, something to think about. If you have multiple picks in this break, your picks are doubled. So if you have 2 slots, you get 4 picks. 4 slots will have 8 picks. Sure, the slot pricing is more expensive, but you have less people to contend with. The only thing that may work against you is if we have 2 horrible cases.

Anyway...just something different. I like to change things up. Keeps these breaks more interesting.
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