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Case 2 Randoms. Winner will be listed on top post random and it will be completed by a moderator via and it will be done 5 times. The Presidential Cut will be randomed amongst all slot holders in case 2. Slot owner at the top post random will win the cut signature! Good luck to all!

All Pros Trios

Isaac Bruce Rams
Marvin Harrison Colts
Junior Seau Chargers

All Pros Trios

Kurt Warner Rams
Ahman Green Packers
Terrell Owens 49ers

All Pros Trios

Barry Sanders Lions
Emmitt Smith Cowboys
Jerry Rice 49ers

Presidential Cut: Benjamin Harrison Cut Signature - Historical Cuts

1. Dizzydski
2. dvstringz
3. Onepercent
4. lrogge1979
5. eb14govols
6. Freeflow
7. blitzburgh
8. mystafet
9. shadetree ($189)
10. Shsscr
11. Blitzburgh
12. shadetree
13. Fins4life
14. blitzburgh
15. greenjdo
16. jt16
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