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Originally Posted by kelleys1 View Post
Anybody know when the redemptions expired in these products and who they were? I know that 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball has expired redemptions as I got one in the last promo I ordered.

Thinking about getting another product in this one but dont want to get stuck with a bunch of redemptions that I cannot get cards for. Thanks
I searched a bunch of old breaks on here and there are a few (maybe like 3 or 4) redemption's at the most, but they did expire in 2010) seems to be guys that are out of the game already.

To those of us that got '05 LCM, I have been watching breaks o youtube and this stuff is brutal. of the 10 breaks I saw only 1 auto pulled! lots of junk jersey cards. not sure how this is an $80+ box (only 10 packs too). I should have done some extra research b4 pulling the trigger...oh well...lets all get rodgers autos!
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